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Watchdog Plus Control Panel

  • Easy wireless install
  • Talking commands for easy operation
  • Password protection
  • Digital display with Night-Vision for night viewing

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Wireless Natural Gas Leak Detector

The Natural Gas Leak Detector is designed to detect an abnormal level of natural gas or CO-2. When the natural gas or CO-2 concentration reaches a pre-set level, the natural gas leak detector provides the security system with a wireless signal as well as an audible signal in the room where it is installed.

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Wireless Window/Door Sensor

These are magnetic switch & emitter units which send alarm signals to the Main Digital Keypad/Auto-Dialer unit when the doors and/or windows are opened. Measurements are: 5/16" Wide - 2 3/4" Long - 9/16" Thick.

Range: 240 Feet Restricted - 450 Feet Unrestricted.

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Wireless Glass Break Sensor

It will be triggered by the sounds with the certain frequencies such as the sound of glass breaking. It will not be fooled by the sound of pets, lightning, or any other sounds outside of it's frequency range. The sensitivity is adjustable. It will cover a large area of windows.

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Wireless Keychain Remote

The keyfob can operate the system anywhere within 450 feet. It is a 4 button keyfob. It will arm the system, disarm the system and has a panic button as well. The fourth button is a bypass button where it will bypass all sensors assigned to bypass mode. For example, it will remotely disarm all motions for "stay home mode" while leaving all other sensors on.

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Wireless PIR Motion Detector

Passive Infrared (PIR) detectors send signals to the Main Digital Keypad/Auto-Dialer unit and activate the alarm when an intruder moves around the protected area. These motion sensors merely see infrared images. Built-in pet immune smart technology senses both heat and movement. The sensitivity and monitoring angle are adjustable. The detecting area is 110 degree horizontal view and will go out a distance of 70 feet.

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Wireless Smoke Detector

Immediately triggers alarm in the event of a fire whether the system is armed or disarmed.

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Wireless Flashing Siren

Ear piercing 120DB siren with flashing strobe. Scares away burglars and alerts neighbors and can be put anywhere. Range is 100 feet from keypad. The signal from the keypad to the siren is wireless - it simply requires power. Plugs into a normal wall outlet with included receptacle.

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Booster Siren

Ear piercing loud 140db, scares away burglars and alerts neighbors. Plugs into the back of the keypad for a boost in db's. Included in the price of Keypad.

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