1. Is your system easy to install?
Yes our system is extremely easy to install. Our system is wireless so install is very easy. We include adhesive and tiny mounting screws for your convenience. It should take on average an hour to install the system.

2. Is it easy to add sensors to your system?
Yes. Simply install sensors on a door or window, enter a code into the keypad, then open door or window. The sensor will light up and send a signal to the keypad where it AUTOMATICALLY learns that sensor. Quick and simple.

3. Do your systems come with a warranty?
Yes, we do offer a 1 Year warranty on all parts, no questions asked. Just send in the bad part and we will replace it.

4. Do you offer tech support after the sale? How much does support cost?
Being personal is all I know. I give you my personal cell phone for 7 day a week normal business hours FREE tech support. Just give me a call if you need help.

5. What frequency does your system operate on?
315 mhz. We choose this frequency because it will not interfere with Lan networks, garage door openers, cell phones, wireless home phones etc... it will not interfere with anything in your home.

6. How do you mount the keypad?
Both the power and the phone plug into the back of the unit. The keypad comes with a Y mount bracket. Simply mount the bracket above an wall outlet and near a phone jack. Drill a small hole in the wall located at the middle of the Y mount. Making sure the breaker for the outlet is in the OFF position, unscrew the wall outlet cover and unscrew the outlet. Fish power line up to the hole in the sheetrock and plug it into the keypad. Plug in the power transformer and return the outlet and outlet cover. Return the breaker to the ON position. Do the phone line the same way, quick and easy professional installation. Another option would be to table top mount the system.

7. How easy is it to mount sensors?
With the sensors being wireless, the mounting couldn't be simpler. In each package, you are provided adhesive backed tape and small screws to mount the sensors with. Most people simply use the strong adhesive, some choose to use the screws, we provide both in the package.

8. What about the batteries? What kind do they take? How long do they last? Do you include them? Are they expensive to replace?
The batteries our sensors use are small because our sensors are small. They take 23A type which are about half the size of a AAA battery. They last 1-2 years depending on how much home traffic exists. We include all batteries for you along with all mounting materials. They are about $.60 per battery online or you can find them at your local electronics store as well.

9. How many sirens are there? How loud are they? Do you have a outside siren?
The keypad has a built in industry standard 85 db siren. We also include a booster siren that you plug into the back of the keypad which boosts the keypad siren to 140 db's. Then on top of that we have a red and white wireless flash siren. It is wireless for easy placement and also has a red strobe light and a commanding 120 db siren. It comes with a receptacle that plugs into a normal 120V wall outlet, and can go inside or outside - you are not limited to only one.

10. How many sensors does this system support? Does it support hardwired sensors?
It will support 32 wireless sensors in addition to 8 hardwired zones, for a total of 40 sensors.

11. What is the range of the sensors from the keypad? Can your sensors protect outbuildings away from the home?
The sensors have an effective radius of 250 feet restricted, meaning going through many doors and walls/floors, and will communicate 450 feet unrestricted. Our system will protect any outbuilding away from the house, as long as it is within 450 feet from the home and is not made out of steel or metal or concrete. If the outbuilding is made out of any of the three substances, you can still get around this by placing the contact close to a window to receive signal from the keypad.

12. Can you have a second keypad or do the key-fobs serve as a second keypad?
Our system comes with one keypad, however the key-fobs are advanced and are not your normal 2 button keyfobs. There are 4 buttons. One button arms the system, one button disarms the system, one button is a panic button and the last button will turn off all motions and arm all other sensors for "stay at home protection mode". The keyfob is commonly attached to one's keychain and often kept on a nightstand at night for convenience.

13. Can you control the system over your cell phone / any phone?
Yes. You can dial your home number and after a determined number of rings, which you decide, the system will answer and ask for your passcode. Once the passcode is entered, the system will have a voice prompt from which you can: arm the system, disarm the system, listen into the home, turn on sirens, turn off sirens and reset the system. In the case of the unit dialing you in an alarm event, all these options are also available.

14. I noticed there are antennas on the sensors do i need to extend these for the system to work?
No, these are only used when going outside of a 400 foot radius from the keypad, such as an outbuilding. They are never extended or used inside the home.

15. Does this system have "stay home mode"? In other words can you disarm motions and have the rest of system armed.
Yes and this is easy to do. There is a button keypad as well as a button dedicated to this on the keyfob, all you do is hit it twice and all motions are turned off while the rest of the sensors are on.

16. Can you have certain sensors delayed while other are not?
Yes, you have complete control over this advanced feature. You can have certain doors on delay while others are not. The most common example would be to have the front outside door, the back outside door on no delay while the garage entry door, where you enter the home most, is on a 30 second delay to give you time to enter and disarm the system.

17. Can you have certain sensors bypassed while others are not?
Yes this is also a advanced feature. You can have certain sensors on while others are off. The most common example would be, let's say you are working in the back-yard and want the back slider door off while all other doors and windows are on, you can do this with ease. Or if you wanted certain windows on while others are off, etc... It all can be done to be customized to your particular day and lifestyle.

18. Does your system have a 24 hour mode for the sensors?
Yes, you can assign any sensor in 24 hour mode. For example, if you have a gun cabinet you put a door/window sensor on and assign it as a 24 hour zone so that no matter if the system is on or off that sensor is always on so you would always know if someone was getting into it. You can do this to any sensor. Of course all smoke and Gas Leakage/C02 detectors are automatically assigned to a 24 hour zone.

19. Does your system have a tamper feature where if someone tries to mess with the keypad it alarms?
Yes it does, any manipulation of the keypad sets the tamper off and alarm will sound, dial out and all sirens blast.

20. What happens if someone cuts the phone line?
The system has a feature called "anti-phone cutting function" where if the phone line is cut, the system immediately goes off and all sirens blast.

21. Is there a low battery indicator on the system letting you know of a low battery?
Yes there is.

Frequently Asked Questions on Security Systems and Alarm Systems from Security Simple